Help: The most basic Bulk Redirect just forgets the whole path

I want to use the most basic Bulk Redirect to redirect all URLS from one domain to another. Specifically, should redirect to is a Google blog.

I have a single Bulk Redirect as follows:

  • Source URL:
  • Target URL:
  • Status: 301
  • Parameters: “Include subdomains” and “Subpath matching” are checked.

But when I try to visit e.g., I get redirected to the main page at - the whole path gets dropped.


Your Target URL does not match www. Try changing it to:

Source URL:
Target URL:

but keeping the same parameters.

The redirect you’re seeing seems to reflect another rule. Do you have any other Redirect Rule or Page Rule enabled?

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You need Preserve path suffix checked as well. Perhaps the wording is a bit confusing there, but it basically takes any of the path that isn’t matched (in your case, the entire path) and copies it over: How Bulk Redirects work · Cloudflare Rules docs

As cbrant said, you also do have another rule redirecting from to, but that one seems to respect/copy paths. It would still be more efficient to directly redirect to www though.


Thanks, now it works. “Preserve path suffix” option was not needed, it was enough to add “www.” to target URL.