Help!steam,error 1020

Hello, I currently have some problems with my Internet, I try to enter a website and it gives me the error 1020, in steam it also gives me another type of error, steam at the moment does not give me a solution, they say to see if I have a vpn but I have nothing, I have the pc formatted. Any solution?

A quick :search: & this will help, Community Tip - Fixing Error 1020 Access Denied, you’ll need to contact the owners of the sites where you see a 1020, we cannot assist nor know any background as to why the owner of those sites made the decision to block certain traffic. That is a business decision that is up to them.

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thanks and steam? I contacted them and they didn’t block me but they don’t give me a solution either

There’s nothing anybody here can do to fix this. The “Steam” people have upped some security settings which have caused the 1020 block. Only they can track down why you were blocked. They can check their firewall log for that Ray ID and/or your IP address.

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ok thanks :smiley:

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