Help SSL certificate

Hey, My website hasn’t got an SSL certificate how do I purchase one?

Hi @bryreroots,

Cloudflare offers free and paid SSL certificates for all websites.

How long have you added your domain to Cloudflare?

You can get any paid certificate you want, but also a Lets Encrypt certificate, respectively if you tunnel your requests through Cloudflare also a Cloudflare Origin certificate. The important bit is that you install it on your server.

I think maybe two months, my website isn’t secure though for some reason?

And on Instagram it keeps getting deleted I think because it isn’t secure.

Thanks for your help, I just paid for a certificate should I just use the free one??


You can use both free and paid, this is your choice.

Dedicated SSL (paid) is good because it enables some features that Universal SSL (free) does not offer, as the introduction publication illustrates:

If you just purchased the dedicated certificate, in a short time it should be active. If you have already done this a few hours ago and even then the certificate has not been issued, please share a screenshot of your SSL/TLS app.

Doubtful to be honest.

Do you have a certificate on your server?

Generally speaking, dedicated certificates on Cloudflare are only necessary in special cases and you should be fine with a universal one.

I am not sure how to do that could you please help or do it for me?

Does my host need to do it?

Yes, you should clarify it with your host and he would need to configure it if it is not in place.

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