Help! Some visitors started seeing blank pages (Austin Cloudflare system re-routed?)

Help! Weird problem for some visitors started recently, and I’m wondering if the re-routing of the Austin Cloudflare system might be the issue, or if it is something else. It’s hard to troubleshoot as I cannot reproduce the error here (on any device, browser, etc), but I’m getting reports from Texas of this issue and we’ve narrowed it down to Cloudflare.


While most visitors see the website fine, we’re getting reports from several different members in Texas that they see a blank page when visiting the website. (Links below.) One of these visitors reports intermittent, brief visibility of the site if she refreshes, but mostly blank pages (with no HTML source code). These complaints started a few days ago. Other visitors in Texas (including me) can see the sites fine. The websites are also hosted near Austin, Texas.

Troubleshooting done so far:

We have purged Cloudflare’s cache.

Checking Cloudflare Status - - shows that the Austin system in the United States is listed in red as “Re-routed”.

We have verified that it is not a firewall issue, nor a hosting issue. The visitors’ IP addresses are not blocked at the server or firewall, and they can access non-Cloudflare links on the server.

The server hosting the websites has been online continually, and the site accessible to others. Only Cloudflare sites hosted on this server are experiencing this issue.

We’ve worked with a technically-savvy visitor near Austin who sees the blank pages. She tested on multiple devices and browsers at her location. She sees a 100% blank page with no HTML code and no error messages. Refreshing will occasionally show the webpage briefly, but mostly not. We set up an alternate URL with a different domain name (non-Cloudflare) for her to access the exact same page/code on the server, and that works perfectly.


Non-Cloudflare alternate link to same server/code/files for fishing website above - works perfectly:

Conclusions/What we suspect may be happening:

  1. We wonder if some visitors in Texas may be re-routed fine, while others may be re-routed through a different Cloudflare system that is having some unknown problem (caching, DNS, etc,) and serving blank pages.

  2. Potentially a Cloudflare SSL issue? Though that doesn’t seem as likely as most visitors see the site fine, and our tech-savvy visitor could occassionally see the page load when refreshing multiple times.

  3. Potentially a caching issue on Cloudflare that won’t purge/clear correctly due to the re-routing or some other problem at Cloudflare?

Anyone have any ideas/suggestions? Can anyone reproduce this from their end? Does anyone know how long the Austin system will be offline and rerouted? (If we’re right, and this is the culprit, hopefully it will clear up when the Austin system is back online…?)

(Unfortunately, these websites have Cloudflare’s free plan, so we can’t reach out to Cloudflare with a support ticket.)

Thanks in advance, community. I appreciate your insights.


I see a blank page on all these.

No, SSL is active


I’m not in Texas.

If you pause Cloudflare, are the sites then accessible?

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If you pause Cloudflare, are the sites then accessible?

Yes. They are accessible via “http” (but not “https”) when Cloudflare proxy is disabled. They are also accessible to many (but not all) users through Cloudflare when it is proxied. And they are accessible directly on the server, bypassing Cloudflare, via the alternate domain name link.

FYI - The hosting is in Texas, near Austin.

The is because SSL is not configured at the host for the domain(s). You should address this.


Using a VPN I was able to load via Asia, but not Europe or the Americas.

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Yes, I agree. I still need to solve this Cloudflare issue, though.

Can you check the links again when you have a chance? On RR Tournaments I’ve turned on development mode in Cloudflare to bypass caching. On Virginia Lane’s two links I’ve made a different setting change in Cloudflare, then I purged the Cloudflare cache on all three links. I want to see if either one of these changes fixed the issue, or if all three sites are still bringing up blank pages for you. If one of these worked, I’ll cascade it to the others.

Did you check the non-Cloudflare link, too, and did that work for you? (I’m having a hard time posting links in the replies here.)

If you are still seeing blank pages for all three, can you let me know what browser version, etc, you are using? Thanks!

Yes it did

The above errors are server errors that have nothing to do with Cloudflare.

The still works though.

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OK, that 500 error should be resolved. (I believe I accidentally introduced that bug yesterday.) Can you try one more time? Thank you.

I cannot access, or from my computer as my IP is blocked. I can however access all three on my mobile device.

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Can I ask what IP it shows? Perhaps that is a Cloudflare IP. (I hadn’t thought of that.) In any case, I’ll add you to the allowed IP list on the Firewall.

Also, is it IPv6 or IPv4 format? I’m looking into whether that makes a difference as to who sees blank oages, and am tracking down whether there is an odd issue with IPv6 addresses and the virtual firewall…

Thanks again for your assistance.

I think I may have figured it out. It looks like the virtual firewall was set up to only handle IPv4 addresses, and it didn’t know how to handle ipv6 addresses. I’ve disabled that bit of code for now until it is updated, and purged the cache on Cloudflare.

Can you see if this resolved everything on your end, please? Thank you so much!

Working now.

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Thank you!!!

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