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Greetings to all. Please i need help to solve the problem i’m facing ever since i have been using Cloudflare security 5 months ago. I never speak out until now i tried troubleshooting but still not getting it, i have followed all solution i can find on here but still not working. Emails are not coming through it bounce failure delivery but i can send email out from my webmail.

Here is screenshot of my clouflare dashboard. Please what should i do?

I presume you are reading your email with an email application on your computer and not via the browser. Furthermore I take it your mail hosts are configured for

If all of that is correct you could try switching the mail hosts to and check if that fixes your issue.

I"m not using any email application, i can login to my webmail to access email, i can send out email. My issue is i’m not receiving emails, i have had complains of failure delivery to my emails and i tested it myself sending emails from different email domains to "[email protected]" which is the email but it fails.

Please walk me through where i should change my mail host name to test if it will fix the problem of not receiving incoming emails. I’ll so much appreciate it

In that case you shouldnt need to change anything. Your domain’s MX records point to and - assuming that is correct - emails should arrive right there. If you get delivery failures you would need to check what exactly fails. Can you post a few of those here?

thank you for your response … here is a screenshot of failure delivery message

That appears to be an issue with your host. You should contact them about that error.

have reachout to my host about not receiving emails, with response that i’m the only client experiencing this so i should look at the issue with Cloudflare

Well, that error appears to come from their servers, so it is only them who can clarify as to why. Generally it shouldnt require SMTP authentication for someone else to send you an email. Are you sure that is the right screenshot?

… But here is delivery error when I tried used yahoo mail

That error message is not complete and refers to a failure after multiple retries. That could mean a lot.

Again, your domain points to mail servers. If they do not accept your email there is nothing Cloudflare can do.

Are these MX records correct? Maybe forward these errors to your host and ask them why they refuse the message.

Can you post the complete error message from Yahoo? Redact any confidential data beforehand.

Here is my zone record for my site when I login to my cpanel…

Yes, the entries there appear to match what you configured at Cloudflare. You really need to clarify this with your host. Your MX records appear to be correct and they need to explain why they reject emails.

Thank you so much for your time. I’m confused at this point. I’ll reach out to my provider to know what exactly is the issue… Should I find a solution from them or if not will reach out here soon.

Check out

That page confirms your MX records. There is one remark that your records miss a DMARC record, but you dont appear to have that with your host either. In any case your host should be able to tell what is wrong.

Thank you so much for time and information shared, I have talk it out with my hosting company about this issue, initially they couldn’t figure it out but sharing information received here they have been able to fix my not receiving incoming email issue. I can confirmed that mails are now coming through.

Once again thank you and this thread can be marked closed.

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