Help! Site lockdown notifications

Hi! I had installed Cloudflare on my wordpress website almost a month back. Since last night Ive been receiving site lockdown notifications and most of the ip addresses are pointing to Cloudflare. The emails dont stop. What am I supposed to do?

Contact whomever sends you that? :man_shrugging:t2:

How do I do that? I’m an absolute newbie with no background in coding.

You send a reply to that email? Or to whichever address where these emails originate from.

I am not sure what the issue is in the first place and how it is related to Cloudflare.

There are no emails listed. Just ip addreses.
Many of these ip addreses I checked belong to Cloudflare.

It would seem someone is trying to brute force their way into your system and these emails are sent by some service on your site which is presumably configure to block these attempts. I’d clarify this with whomever is responsible for maintaining your site. It is not a Cloudflare issue.


Thank you Sandro!

Do let me know if you can figure what happened. I’m clueless and for now I’ve raised my websites security, so the emails have stopped.
But I would like to by all means not have this situation again.Hope you can help in some way.

Thanks again.

The person maintaining your site should be able to shed light here.

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