Help! Site is redirecting to and I need help!

Hi, I have an issue where my site is redirecting to a generic hosting domain. Some users from the Ukraine, India, Florida, are reporting this issue and I am experiencing it myself in California. Our site is hosted on Shopify but and our domain registrar is Namecheap but they are saying they cannot help me.

Are you using CF for DNS management?

I would suggest you to check the redirect rules.

I do not see that issue, can you share the name of the site and the site to where it is being redirected?

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My Shopify site has also been experiencing this since a few hours, no idea what to do. On the some-app site it says that the domain has been expired but I checked and mine is not, which makes me think that maybe one of my app’s domains has been expired.

Maybe we could compare our installed apps? See if there is any overlap?

If you fixed it please let me know how!!

Hi! Yes, it was resolved. The culprit was an app by Later, which we use for social media. The app had been discontinued but I never got the memo. Also check your custom apps, see if anything is outdated there. Hope you can get it resolved! It killed our whole morning yesterday!

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