[HELP] Setup subdomain CNAME point at other site, domain godaddy, server cloudflare



Hi, as the title says, lets say for now I have a site called example.org .

I want to create a subdomain and change the CNAME to point at other URL . Currently the example.org domain name is registered from GoDaddy but the hosting server is from Cloudflare.

So, what I do is :-

  1. From example.org cpanel, i created a subdomain called test.example.org .
  2. I go to Advance Zone Editor and change both test.example.org. and www.test.example.org. from A record to CNAME. The CNAME I wrote test.dev.org
  3. I go to Cloudflare, pick example.org and under DNS setting I add both test.example.org and www.test.example.org CNAME record to test.dev.org and make the cloud logo grey
  4. I go to https://www.whatsmydns.net/ and search for test.example.org and all shows test.dev.org

But, the problem is the test.dev.org developer said he cant make a connection to my subdomain. And when I search test.example.org at browser, it showed HTTP ERROR 500. The CNAME developer said I should see a 404 error with his company logo supposely. May I know what I’m doing wrong?
btw, at whatsmydns, when I search NS record for test.example.org , it doesn’t show any IP. Is this the problem?


If a DNS lookup shows test.example.org pointing ot the value they gave you, the issue is with them. The developer should be able to look at your DNS entry and tell you where you made a mistake if there is one or debug the issue.

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