Help! setting up

I am looking for a DNS server to filter web content for my family. I signed up for the free plan. I changed the DNS server addresses on my router to and following the instructions on the getting started page. I set up a location and policy. But no records are populating on my “team” homepage, so I have no idea if this service is working or not. What step could I be missing? I had a look through the forum, but didn’t find any help with this. I don’t host websites or anything like that - just looking to filter inappropriate sites. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks very much!

Hi @blumoonfarm55, here’s a tip on setting up. The tip has the background details, but the IP address you want is or You don’t need to create the cloudflare account to use the service. I suspect the IP addresses you entered were for Cloudflare Gateway, sorry for any confusion.

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