Help setting up my account

Hi there,
I have attached a screenshot of the messages, so that whoever is reading knows what my exact problem is.

Every time my site closes and problems occur, I really don’t know about these things at all! Although I find written explanations from which I do not understand anything, unfortunately, I am only a publisher and I am not an expert in managing the site.
Please, is there anyone to help me?

They tell me to contact your original provider…! I don’t know who the providers are! Lol… I bought the domains from Google years ago and there were no problems, but after I purchased a service from Cloudflare, I face this problem every 3 months! I do not know where the defect exactly!

What I want, please, for a friend to help me and make the SSL certificate from Cloudflare, and I do not want another provider to communicate with them.

I want to end the shock of closing my site every 3 months!

Based on what I have gathered:
Every 3 months your site goes down because the SSL cert on your origin server expires. You have two options, you can either auto-refresh your certificates from who I am guessing is Let’s Encrypt or you can use an Origin Certificate from Cloudflare.

Let’s Encrypt: This will allow you to have a fully valid SSL cert so if you turn Cloudflare off HTTPS will still be valid. You can use something like certbot to auto-renew it every 90 days.

Origin Certificate: You can go here and create a certificate that you will use on your server. This certificate will only be valid between Cloudflare and your origin so if you turn Cloudflare off HTTPS will fail.


Hi there,
About “Let’s Encrypt”, I don’t want it, it puts more pressure on me and I don’t really understand everything.
When I contact “Cloudflare”, they tell me: …Contact Let’s Encrypt and this confuses me, and no one responds.

I have always been subscribed to Cloudflare, so I want here, the Origin Certificate, because I want to turn on the Full (strict) as well, so that Cloudflare automatic renewal, and when any problems arise, I can contact them!

Please can you help me? Unfortunately, I don’t know how to create a certificate or apply it to my site.
Do you accept that I send you the email and password and help me in that please?

I’d advise against that. Jake1st is quite trustworthy, but it’s always risky to share passwords.

If your host will let you upload the Origin CA certificate he mentioned, here are instructions on how to get that from Cloudflare. Make sure you keep a backup copy of the Certificate and Key text at home.

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I’m so tired of this
Totally, I don’t understand these things, and they give me a headache
I want to get rid of this problem once and for all
I tried a lot to read blogs, links, tips and instructions… Unfortunately, it is not in my field of work and I did not understand, and I am sure of myself: I will not…

Also, I tried to contact you, but I couldn’t find a way to write to you privately

Where is your website hosted? They should be able to assist.

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Please never send me or anyone your email and password.

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Sir, this question has been asked to me 3 years ago, and unfortunately I did not understand it

I’m subscribed with Cloudflare to get the site speed up
Other than that, I don’t really understand anything from the control panel

I created my blog with Blogger, and I bought domains from Google.
That’s all I know
Do you think that the problem with Google? Well, how do I send to them… No, no, I do not want to send to them, I want to get a certificate from here, can I do that?

I don’t know where my site is hosted, I don’t know anything…

For months I say and repeat I do not understand at all in these things, when I read the words as: hosted … SSL, firewall … confused… I don’t understand anything

I know that I have not benefited well from tuning the site after I purchased the service except to speed up the site.

Every 3 months my site stops for the same problem, I come back and repeat the same problem to the Cloudflare staff, they apologize and tell me to go to: communitycloudflare, and when I send to here, … Strange words, terms and symbols…I don’t understand…

I go to YouTube, and I can’t find solutions… So I go to my control panel and click on everything to make my site work…

I want a friend, please, to enter the control panel, to create for me a certificate that is automatically renewed so that this problem does not recur, that’s all!

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