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I have looked through the community, but could not find anything related to what I am encountering. I am getting this error, but not sure how to proceed:

I am not sure how to resolve this issue since it states: “For Cloudflare to work properly, WWW has to be configured as a CNAME that points to the domain’s Cloudflare address. To do this, add the following lines to your DNS zone:”

I tried to setup a CNAME for www, but it states it already exists, so I don’t know what is happening and any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @nealkinkead, you’re on a partial partner setup where your DNS records are with a Cloudflare partner and you need to manage your DNS records at their website. Each partner is a bit different and as such you may be better served asking the partner for assistance, but can you share a link the documentation you’re following to complete the setup? There may be other folks on this site that are familiar with the process and can assist.

Hi @cloonan,

Thank you for your response. I saw this response in one other place, but wasn’t exactly sure what it meant, but I think I got it now. On Siteground, there isn’t a lot of documentation, that is why I has having such a hard time. It just has a link to activate Cloudflare and then if you go to Zone Edit, you can see that the CNAME records were created; however, I then get the error stated in my previous message, so that was confusing since the record already seems to be there. But if I have to manage it from Cloudflare, I suppose that is where I was coming up short.

So does that mean I shouldn’t do anything on the Siteground side?

Thanks again,

Hi, actually, I think you need to manage these records at siteground, not on cloudflare. Do they provide any level of tech support that you can reach out to for clarification?

I searched this site as I know this has been discussed before, sometimes with the solution of leaving siteground and sign up directly via cloudflare, but some where it seems folks figured it out. Here are the search results, Search results for 'siteground cloudflare cname ' - Cloudflare Community.


Yes, they actually have a pretty good support.

Thanks for your info. Ill have a look.

Thanks again,

Just an update…

I got it to work by transferring the domain to Siteground. I had it under bluehost in the past, but did not like their slow servers. So all is good now.

Thanks again for your help.

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