Help - Services I need to create a light and fast WordPress blog

Hello Cloudflare community.

Goal: to have a light and fast WordPress blog.

What services do I need to have so that my Wordpress blog is as light and fast as possible?

I know it involves many factors (WordPress theme and plugins) picture, etc.

But what Wordpress hosting company do you recommend for this purpose?

Do I also need a CDN service?

What other additional services do I need to meet my goal?

I read your multiple helps, thank you.

Most of this is not Cloudflare-related. For example, if I set up a WordPress site on a server close to where I live, it’s about the same speed as it is through Cloudflare. Cloudflare can make it that fast for all visitors, regardless of where they live.

So…step 1 is to get your site optimized without Cloudflare. Once that’s done, Cloudflare’s CDN will help all users see that optimized performance.

Use to test it in Advanced Configuration mode from a location close to where it is hosted before you add it to Cloudflare, and save the link to the results for short-term reference if you have any more questions. Best to Google for “wordpress optimization” for more information.

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