Help required with creating a subdomain for e-mail


I hope someone can help me get my head around this.

We have a domain registered with 123Reg which is hosted by Cloudflare -

This is linked to a web site and we have all the required DNS records for web generated and transactional e-mails to include SPF & DKIM records.

Our client has now requested that e-mails to and from their office are sent via their exchange server and rather that complicate the existing e-mail set up it has been decided to create a subdomain specifically for them so that their e-mails will be sent to and from addresses

My first question is – can this be done via Clouflare?

If so how do we go about setting this up so that it has a proper rDNS lookup and is properly configured for reliable e-mail delivery. Are there any step by step instructions on creating a subdomain and then adding the records required to send and receive e-mail? So far all we have is the MX record of the server but I am guessing that we also need the IP address of the server for it to resolve properly?

If we delegate the subdomain to our clients instead so that they can manage all the DNS records at their end is it a simple matter of pointing the subdomain at their Name Servers? If so, how do we set this up?

Many thanks for all the help you can give with this.

Claire C.

Cloudflare is not a web host, the DNS is managed through them, however the DNS will point to a web host where the site is.

Cloudflare does not provide email services. You will need to configure the emails with another service and use DNS records in CF to point to that service.

You could add NS records for a subdomain to delegate them to nameservers if you wish.

I am not experienced with this kind of setup so I will let others elaborate if they want!!

Thanks for your reply dmjh.

My apologies for the confusion. Only the DNS is hosted by Clouflare and I am aware that they do not provide e-mail services.

What I am looking for is help with setting up the subdomain - i.e. what record type and after that, what other records need to be added to ensure this resolves properly. ( I am familiar with setting up SPF records so dont’ need any help with that)

If we delegate the subdomain to our clients and simply point it to their name servers, what record type do I need to create in the first instance?


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