Help Required About Edge Cache TTL

Hi. I made following page rules:

And all resources got cached when I visited all pages of my website. After that, website speed became very fast even after browser cache expired and browser showed “cf-cache-status: HIT”.

But after 2 hours, as soon as “Edge Cache TTL: 2 Hours” initiated, website speed again went slow, same as before caching the resources. And browser showed “cf-cache-status: REVALIDATED”.

Why it is so?

Why cloudflare didn’t serve all resources with same speed after “Edge Cache TTL: 2 Hours” initiated?

@sdayman @sandro @Judge @cbrandt @domjh need your valuable suggestion please!

Edge Cache TTL means how long Cloudflare saves your files before having to get them again. So after 2 hours, it has to start over. If you want it to cache longer, increase Edge Cache TTL to a day or a week. Which ever works best for you. And then remember that any changes won’t show up until you Purge the cache or your files drop out of the cache on their own.

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