Help replacing AWS code with Cloudflare Stream


I’m looking at replacing the AWS code on a website with Stream. I would like to retrofit/replace this code inside this IF statement below - will send my stream id & key through the existing aws_key aws_secret variables:

if (qa_opt(‘enable_aws’)) {

        require QA_INCLUDE_DIR . 's3/aws.phar';
        $s3Client = new Aws\S3\S3Client([
        'region'  => ''.qa_opt('aws_region').'',
        'version' => 'latest',
        'credentials' => [
              'key'    => ''.qa_opt('aws_key').'',
              'secret' => ''.qa_opt('aws_secret').''

        $result = $s3Client->putObject([
            'Bucket' => ''.qa_opt('aws_bucket').'',
            'Key'    => $NewFileName,
            'SourceFile' => $TempSrc          
        $output = king_insert_uploads($result['ObjectURL'], $temptype, null, null, 'aws');
        $path  = $result['ObjectURL'];


so $TempSrc will be the user url to the file. got the $NewFileName (may not be needed for Stream).

need to generate the url to the video to pass onto $path (and $output).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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