Help Renewing Free SSL ASAP

Dealing with the SSL’s isn’t something I’m used to dealing with. Not sure who set it up originally, but it has expired for many sites and I have to have them fixed asap. One site I need fixed asap is - and it’s set to Universal - I thought it auto-renews and its free? I became frustrated and decided to buy the $5 a month, then had an error when trying got purchase it…!

You are using DigitalOcean name servers. For a free SSL use Coludflare DNS servers.

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the domain is at - how can you see it showing its at Digital Ocean?

I’m unfamiliar with doing it this way, but I do know we have a Digital Ocean Account, but I didn’t see the domain in there.

If you click on the IP in the link on my previous post you can see DNS servers for your domain are from DigitalOcean. You need to set your DNS servers from inside your registrar panel to those ones provided by CF (for example: and when you added your domain in CF.

I see the Cloudflare nameservers now, but the site still isn’t secure. You will need to set the DNS record for www and to :orange: (click the :grey: to change it).

I am afraid you should get used to it. The certificate on your server is valid for your domain but has expired. You need to renew that certificate yourself and Cloudflare cant help you with that. The only alternative would be to have an origin certificate issued from Cloudflare, which can be valid for up to 15 years, and install that on your server instead.

None of the other certificate types Cloudflare offers (universal nor dedicated) can fix that for you.

So I can’t just renew the expired certificate? I don’t know how or where it was issued in the first place. I do know it was free. Any help pointing in the right direction? I need it secure, just not sure how to do that on here.

I’ve only used Media Temple w/ Plesk and used Let’s Encrypt as a plugin of sorts.
So this other way is very new to me, and I have no idea what to do next.

You need to either renew the Let’s Encrypt certificate on your server or install a Cloudflare Origin Certificate. Your host may have guides for how to do this or be able to help.

Then you need to set

I presume you are referring to the one on your server. Yes, you can and you should. If something is unclear I’d suggest you open a thread at

Otherwise you can also simply have aforementioned Cloudflare origin certificate issued.

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