HELP Redirect to www only works sometimes?

I just switched registrars from Wordpress to Kajabi and was having problems with the name servers still pointing to Wordpress. I set up my website on cloudflare and wrote the page rules below to redirect to the www address and changed the name servers on Wordpress.

My problem is that the redirect is only working for some people. My coworker gets redirected just fine on his desktop computer but not on his phone while I have the opposite problem. I’m redirected to the correct website on my phone but not my laptop.

Any ideas?

My page rules are below and I have made sure the site is set to always use HTTPs

For starters, you dont need the first page rule. The second already covers it, though you need to add an asterisk in front of it to fully work.

As for your question, if it doesnt work just for a few people I’d say that a DNS propagation issue and those might still go to your previous server. Wait a day or so and that should be fixed if that is the case.

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