[HELP ]Problem with SSL Certificate in my subdomain

Please help me with this problem

I actually got a free ssl certificate from a website i’m not sure if i’m allowed to post the link
but after working with it after some time the certificate didnt work anymore for my subdomain
as you can see
Https://avt-samp.cf : will work
Https://forum.avt-samp.cf : won’t work

I’m not sure if there’s a way to use cloudflare ssl or something that’ll make both work
ill appreciate your help

Hi @jihadelhassani7,

The forum subdomain seems to work for me, however the main domain gives a 526 error which is for an invalid cert on your server.

You can use a free Cloudflare Origin Certificate on that server:

Thanks for your reply, one last thing how can i redircet all users to https instead of http on my website? because all players log automatically on http which isnt secured

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