Help Please


I have recently installed cloudflare everything set up correctly but when I switch to orange all my clients go off when I switch to grey they come on again
thank you


When you switch to :orange: you enable proxying.

What is the SSL mode you have chosen and do you have a certificate installed on your server (you should)?

Whats your domain?


thanks Sandro how do I send you private don’t wanna post on here


I am afraid the community is public-only.


The SSL mode may be part of the problem. Which did you set it to? Flexible or Full?


Cant see were u change it see picture


Flexible does make proper configuration more challenging.

Can you be more specific about how the clients go off when you switch to :orange:?


Flexible is a bad choice, not only from a security perspective.

Once more, do you have a certificate installed on your server? You should. And whats the domain?

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