Help please? is https although my apache config isnt https.
its unproxied…
how long to update>

That DNS entry is set to :grey: (DNS Only). It should be :orange: proxied. You can click the :grey: to edit and save. It will take 5 minutes to take effect.

Great job on installing a Cloudflare origin cert on that subdomain. :orange: will get it up and running with HTTPS.

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So i’ve done it but got an error with apache… 443 is already a port im listening on for my domain. I know how to use a different port, so how do I use a port with the subdomain?

It should still be Port 443. Your Apache configuration should include hostnames as part of its listener.

(98)Address already in use: AH00072: make_sock: could not bind to address

It does include hostnames btw, and are good resources for server configuration help.

How do I not use HTTPS? If i use HTTPS everything breaks, i’d rate have an HTTP server if it dosent break. I unproxixed for HTTP, but it still redirects to HTTPS??? Help pls!

@kahaant have you resolved your issue? As far as I have tested, your website domain and are being pointed to Cloudflare and both resolves correctly now. There are no HTTPS errors and issues anymore.

Sir @sdayman, I truly believe this topic can be safely marked as resolved as far as if there would be no further response regarding it. Thank you.

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