Help please with issuing a certificate for a local server


I am trying to issue a certificate to run on a local computer that is connected to the web, in the past the certificates have been done through go daddy and they have issued the certificate to a specific a record (subdomain name) and this is delivered in a .crt format which is loaded on the local machine

So far I have gone to ssl/tls and client certificates and then created a client certificate which I get 2 parts two which can be copied to clipboard so I have saved as txt file

I did change the file attribute and uploaded but it shows the 10 year cert but doesn’t mention the

what am I doing wrong?

Many thanks

Cloudflare is not the right place to obtain a certificate for your LAN hosts. Cloudflare Origin CA certificates are only recognized by the Cloudflare proxy.

You mentioned client certificates. Those are used by a host to identify itself to a server and are not what you present to clients accessing your server.

If you are trying to deploy trusted certificates to your LAN server, you are more likely to want Let’s Encrypt certificates issued via DNS-01 challenges. The Let’s Encrypt Community would be the place to learn more about that.

Thank you. Ill take a look on Lets Encrypt

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