HELP PLEASE! Trying to add page rule and can't

Good morning! I am brand new to this and I am trying to add the first page rule (I have the next two) but it wont let me. I am trying yo fix the issue that my page can not be reached without the www before it… Now I know what to do but it will not let me do it. This is the message I keep getting:

.distinctTargetUrl: Your zone already has an existing page rule with that URL. If you are modifying only page rule settings use the Edit Page Rule option instead

HELP! Please!

Thank you!

Can you post a picture of your Page Rules screen?

this is the first page - the instructions told me to add a third one (which should be first) to make it work…

You already have that one as Rule #2.

:see_no_evil: there are some things I just should not touch… this seem to be a part of it… THANK YOU.

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