Help please. Settings when leaving cloudflare?

My website was previously based on the Kajabi platform, and Kajabi partners with Cloudflare for their accounts. Thus my DNS and email settings were set up in Cloudflare.

I have cancelled Kajabi, built my new site in SquareSpace, and will be transferring my domain to Squarespace to launch my new site. Apparently Cloudflare is no longer needed.

Since my domain and email are not changing, what do I need to do about the old settings originally (and still) set up in Cloudflare that were for Kajabi. Can I ignore them, or do I need to clear something out before my site and email will work properly on Squarespace?

I believe Squarespace do allow you to keep your domain & DNS with Cloudflare and just set it up by modifying the relevant DNS records for your new website:

If you do want to transfer the domain entirely, you can follow Squarespace’s instruction and Cloudflare will automatically remove the domain a few weeks after we first detect you have changed your name servers away from us. If you’d rather do this manually, you can follow this:

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Thank you Simon. Very helpful.

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