Help please! Plan

I’m Emanuele {redacted} owner and responsable of the website mail {redacted} We tried so many times to pay the program Proplan of 20$/mo + argo of 5$. We cannot pay, we tried so many times with different kind of payment ( my personal credit card, other differt credit card and paypal and the last one completly new made: xxxx.xxxx.xxxx.xxxx exp date xxxx) we still cannot pay.
Can you please solve the problem? or we have to change manager?
I also permit you to use my card if you can fix the problem.
I wait for a your reply. thank you

Did you try to reach out to the support via a ticket? That would be faster for sure

done about 7 times tell me a problem in payment. I also changed 3 credit cards for this. and they still don’t charge me.

they keep telling me problem solved, but they don’t solve anything.

I have a free plan, and I want a higher plan. and I’m stuck paying. they don’t charge me.

Hi there - can you please send an e-mail to billing at cloudflare dot com from the e-mail address registered with your Cloudflare account? I will ask the billing team to take a look.

already done do not even make me send a tiket