[Help please] Minecraft server, last step is lost!

Hey guys so I swear I’m so close but I’ve ran into a wall

I made a domain with .tk
Got it added to my CF acct
Updated the nameservers
Refreshed, all good
Everything is set!

But I can’t seem to find a way to forward any of that to my IP
Plz keep in mind that I’m using CF to mask my IP of course

I think I may b doing it wrong
I go to DNS>add records> Name is my domain “example.tk”>Then my ip> Auto> and proxied
I get “DNS Validation Error (Code: 1004)” Searched everywhere for a solution (even here)
Alas I decided to come here for a solution or perhaps light on another way to do what I want to do

The only other thing I could think of is telling .tk to forward to my ip
But then I don’t think my ip will b masked

No editing? rip
I was going to edit the middle to make it a little clearer that my main goal is to mask my ip whilst hosting a mc server

Edit: Seems editing was locked behind a trust lvl… that I just unlocked xD

And Community Tip - Fixing Code 1004: DNS Validation Error didnt help?

That wont be possible for Minecraft anyhow, as Cloudflare only handles HTTP. Also .tk’s forward wont work. You’ll need the IP unproxied for Minecraft.

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