Help on ssl

Good afternoon. I decided to connect your system, but I’m having problems. I use the certificate Let’s Encrypt

  1. I changed NS but gives an error (Status: Website is not active (DNS modification pending)) it’s been 36 hours
  2. My sites do not want to work and give an error (This site can not provide a secure connection)
  3. Subdomains do not open

Tell me what settings you need to set for normal operation.

Status: Website not active for 36 hours. Why is it not active yet?

For one of the domains, the nameservers are not Cloudflare. Nameservers for the others are Cloudflare, but it looks like our systems have not picked up the change yet. If those two were changed at your registrar over a day ago, I’d open a ticket with support to get into their queue.

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