Help on caching Dynamic html pages on our CSM using Pages rules


I will try to cache or our html page for 1 houre “Edge cache TTL”

so i would like that you help me and it will be appreciated

I will set the following Rule :

  1. Rule : cache all html page for 1 houre period
    Url :
    Cache level : Cache everything
    Edge Cache TTL : 1 Houre

our control panel of the CMS is under the directory [ ]
so to make and exception for the admin panel should set this Rule ?

  1. Rule : exception folder /Admincpanel

Url :
Cache Level : Bypass
Disable apps
Disable Performance

Are Rules 1 and 2 correct ? please

also i would like to add our Homepage : to the exeption ? how ?

Thank you for your help

To bypass caching for the home page, you will need to add a new rule for * and set Cache Level to Bypass. **Make sure this becomes the first rule in your list, moving your other rules to #2 and #3. This way, the main page is bypassed before everything is cached.

Oh, and that Rule #3 needs to move up to Rule #2 for the same reason as above.

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