Help - NS stuck!

I’ve recently moved my domain to AWS, but for some reason the NS are stuck on Cloudflare. It’s very bizarre and I know other people have had the same issue. Can anybody recommend a fix please?

The domain has successfully moved, but the NS refuse to budge, despite AWS being set up fine.

Where did you purchase the domain? If you used Cloudflare Registrar, you must use Cloudflare nameservers as per section 6.1 of the Domain Registration Agreement.

If you obtained your domain using another registrar and wish to change your nameservers, follow their directions.

Domain was purchased from NetNerd, but they profess everything is clear from their end. I did have DNS setup with Cloudflare (no domain transfer). The NS refuse to budge, despite having removed the DNS entries and site. But the Nameservers persist.

…and AWS Route53 (DNS) all setup, but because Cloudflare is getting in the way, it won’t kick in. It’s almost as if Cloudflare is still serving DNS, because it’s still pointing to the old IP address, despite having deleted the DNS.


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