Help, noob with setting up argo tunnel to access internal sites

Hello everyone, new to Cloudflare. I joined to protect our site, but lalso because of the current crisis we have many working from home.

We are experiencing a lot of VPN issues so my idea was to set up an argo tunnel into my webserver in the office where we host a few database webpages. People would hit the URL in a browser, then it would prompt for authentication. It would then open up a landing page with links to my internal sites.

Sorry for noob question, but Im a bit lost as to the procedure. I assume i will have to set up a website in IIS on my webserver, tie it to one of my external domains, then activate cloudflare for this domain, then set up argo tunnel. Documentation isnt exactly clear on this however.

Any help would be appreciated.

Dave, Oakville Ontario Canada

Yes, this is the procedure. Do not open ports on the firewall at the web server location. Enable Cloudflare for the domain then activate Argo. After that set-up the outbound connection using the cloudflared client as a service on Windows so that it restarts upon reboot (make sure the web server is up before cloudflared starts otherwise it will fail signaling a missing connection to the origin.

PS: the internal links must be behind the same proxy website (at subfolders, ideally or other subdomains with different tunnels).