[HELP] Newbie question: How do i point my registar email to Cloudflare?


Maybe the question is abit confusing, im new to this and apologize.

I have set up Cloudflare via WP Rocket for the first time, and i followed the instructions in this video : How To Setup Cloudflare DNS [FAST] Add Your Domain to Cloudflare DNS Server - YouTube

I changed from my original registrars nameservers to Cloudflare, and deleted all the A, AAA, MX records etc.

I then added the A and CNET records.

The next video only explains how to set up Gmail email How to Point Your DNS Server to Google Workspace (MX Records Setup) - YouTube

But i dont want to use Gmail. I want to use the email that i set up on my webpage. The webpage is www.elektrikerenbergen.no , so the email would be something like [email protected]

Can someone help or explain how i do this. I might even be misunderstanding the whole email thing and this whole post may make no sense lol.

I presume your mail is hosted at the same place as your website.

If so, then for starters, make sure all your DNS records here match the ones at your host.

Then for Mail make sure the MX record for elektrikerenbergen.no points to your ‘mail’ hostname. And that the ‘mail’ hostname is an “A” record with your server’s IP address and that it’s toggled to :grey: DNS Only.

Hi sdayman.

Since im new to this, i will write my reply in steps. I do apologize if this seems child like, but i have only been doing this for 2 weeks and everything is totally new to me.

1: My website is hosted at Proisp.no
2: The mail is hosted at the same place yes
3: I changed the nameserver from proisp to cloudflare, they are now listed under the Cloudflare nameservers (there are 2 NS nameservers)

When i set up Cloudflare i deleted all the records that was already on the page (there were like 20 records here, i assume it was SSL certificates etc that i installed when i set up the webpage) , and installed only 2 new records (As the youtube video instructed)
1: Type A record
2: Type CNAME record

If so, then for starters, make sure all your DNS records here match the ones at your host.
Are you saying i should change the nameserver back to Proisp in order for the mail to work?
Or can i point to the mail hostname, but still keep the Cloudflare records (as instructed in the youtube video)

Sorry for not understanding this :slight_smile:

You probably needed to keep at least half of them. Again:

You’re going to have to compare both lists and copy/paste entries from the ProISP list into your Cloudflare list.

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