Help! Newbie Error: CName already exists with that host

Trying to connect my Cloudflare from a domain I own with Weebly to Kajabi. When I try to add the CNAME in Cloudlfare it gives me an error to same it already exists with that host… what am I doing wrong?


As an example, say the “name” part of the record is www. In order to add a record with the name www, you must not already have a record with that name.

See if you already have a record with the name you’re trying to insert. It may be another CNAME, or an A record.

Thanks so much for coming back so quick - can I just delete the A records with the same name? Or will that muck something else up?

Assuming that you’re trying to migrate/move to the new provider (Kajabi), it shouldn’t mess anything up. You should make a note of the IP address before you delete it, though.

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