HELP! new user

Can someone please help me?

I currently have a site ( )with a SSL prvided by
There is a WP plugin that redirects all http traffic to Https>

So i signed up to cloudfare free, chnaged the DNS servers on my domain .

The page then stopped working Saying invalid Security.
I could not access the wordpress admin ,

I changed the name servers back,

do my question is what is the correct steps to get my website working with cloudfare and cloudfare SSL on the free cloudfare plan?

I am guessing it would be

  1. remove my WP plugin redirest to SSL
    2 remove my SSL?
  2. change DNS
  3. …?

You probably did everything correctly. Most likely, Cloudflare’s SSL installation process did not complete.

What’s the Status for SSL in your Cloudflare SSL/TLS settings?

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