Help Needed with Super Bot Fight Mode and MXTOOLBOX

I’am using mxtoolbox to monitorize my servers.
I created a firewall rules with all the IP adresses of mxtoolbox and choose the action Bypass with all the feature selected.
At this point, everything is working Ok.
When in cloudflare > Firewall > Bots > Configure Super Bot Fight Mode
In the Definitely automated section, I choose Block or Challenge, it also block the mxtoolbox servers, evenif my firewall rules should let them pass.

Any Idea ?

This is a known problem. Unfortunately, there is no bypass for Super Bot Fight Mode.

Thanks for your answer.

are they planning to add this feature ???
It’s very important and usefull…

Just a note here, I use HetrixTools - installed their agent on my host/origin server (no need for ping, either no need for HTTPS checks, only allowed their IP addresses at iptables) and UpTimeRobot (pings, only allowed their IP addresses at iptables) :wink:

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