Help needed with Simple-Help behind cloudflare

Hi everyone,
Cloudflare noob, I subscribed to Cloudflare to add an additional layer of security for a Simple-Help server that I have hosted in a VPS. Everything is communicating properly through cloudflare when Pausing Cloudflare, but as soon as I enable it. The tool stops working, I know it’s related to the scanning of traffic, but how do I find out what’s being blocked to exclude it? If anyone has some thoughts on how to set it up to work properly, any assistance is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I bet it’s using ports and/or protocols that Cloudflare doesn’t support without using Spectrum in an Enterprise plan. Keep in mind that Cloudflare was created as a proxy service for websites.

Thanks sdayman. The Simple-Help server is configured to work on ports 80 and 443 only. However, when the url is entered it goes as Might that be the issue?

I don’t see a scheme before that. Is it http, or https? Is there a way to specify a scheme and not put the port on the end?

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