Help needed will pay you to setup my DNS

Hi, I currently host with and am trying to move my dns over. When I did it, everything crashed, e-mail stopped working, etc. I am a non-technical guy so this should be an easy fix for someone that knows what they are doing. Can you please reach out to me so I could hire you to set it all up for me? Much appreciated!

Hi @josh17,

You may get someone here who will set it up for you, but generally this community is here to help you to do it.

When you go to your current hosting, there should be a DNS panel somewhere which will probably include a list of some records like A, CNAME and MX. There should also be some IP addresses listed (they look like normally (but with different numbers)).

Once you have found that panel, you can see if there is an option to export the records as a BIND file. If there is, we can help you import this into Cloudflare.

If not, you will need to add them manually, there is a tutorial on Adding DNS Records.

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