Help needed to map Freshdesk to our URL

We are trying to map the Freshdesk Ticket Portal. We want to make it:

This is the error we are getting

This is what we added to Cloudflare DNS manager

This is the tutorial by Freshdesk:

Please advise. Thanks a lot.


You will need to contact them. It is their error message and they need to tell you what’s wrong. On Cloudflare is seems to be set up right and is not even proxied.

This is what they suggested: “…Meanwhile please check with Cloudfare regarding the CNAME set up as the record does not seem to be published yet.”

From your screenshot it does.

So it is published.

But Freshdesk could not see it.

That is something you need to clarify with them. With the information you have posted so far it is impossible to say anything more.

You possibly experienced Configuration Change Delays

got it.

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