Help needed please


I am having an issue with hotlink protection and was wondering if you could help me, please?

I would like to filter out hotlink protection for and because when hotlink protection is on my featured images get broken on these sites when I share my url.

I went to PageRules but could not find a way to filter out these domains so they do not get hotlink protection.

Is there a way to bypass the hotlink per specific domain?

Thank you!


Thank you for asking.

If only you could somehow gather the IP or the AS number for seosniffer, you could block it.
For Facebook, hm … if you block it by the AS number, sharing URLs on Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter might not work as expected for “image / link previews” :thinking:

In Cloudflare, I am not aware if this is yet possible to configure.

I wonder if you set Content Security Policy for your images … or rather to configure CORS (Access-Control-Allow-Origin) HTTP header for which origins you allow access to your images (resources), it might work. I would have to try out …


You could also try the following:

I hope that helps.

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