[Help Needed] My domain is not registered

hello folks,
I am trying to add a website to Cloudflare, but i am getting an error saying my domain is not registered.
My domain is already hosted and it’s working.
please see for yourself : ishachants.online
See, It’s already working. But, Cloudflare is unable to add my website.
Please help…

I did, please have a look here: DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool
Your domains NS are not fully propagated. Please fix this, then try again.

Sorry for my ignorance. But, how to do that???

You need not do anything. Wait for a while. It may take max 48 hours. It could be early as well. Check the link dropped by @M4rt1n for the update on resolving the same. Ensure you’ve proper DNS records placed in the hosting panel.

Correct, normally you don’t need to do anything, especially since your domain was registered yesterday. But if the NS does not propagate, please forward this problem to your registrar and they should re-trigger the propagation.

Once it is complete, you surely can register this domain at Cloudflare.

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