Help needed in regards to CNAME

Since im new i cant post more then 2 links(VERY STUPID ON A DNS SITE) so refer to the key


Hello, i am attempting to set a cname record to redirect my full domain to another site. I put @ in the name slot, then put the domain i want to redirect to in value. However, for some reason, it must be going somewhere else, or cutting off a part of my value or adding to it. When i type my domain I get to the correct site but saying that my specific value doesn’t exist. For example, Im trying to get MYDOMAIN to redirect to WANTTOREDIRECT. However, upon typing MYDOMAIN i get an error from enjin saying that site doesn’t exist, as if i had typed the bc. wrong. But when you just simply open a new tab and type WANTTOREDIRECT you get to the site. Im very new to DNS and am clueless as to why this won’t work.

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In order to redirect your custom domain to an Enjin subdomain, you can use a page rule from within Cloudflare’s dashboard. There is a highly informative support article, provided by the Cloudflare support team, to help specifically with this.

  1. PageRules Select the “page rules” tab.
  2. CreatePageRule Click “Create Page Rule”.
  3. Enter the URL pattern “*” (without quotation marks) to redirect all traffic from the apex domain.
  4. Select the “+ Add a setting” option, followed by “Forwarding URL”.
  5. Specify the destination URL as “” and the status code as “301 - Permanent Redirect”.
  6. SaveDeploy Save and deploy!

The following images illustrate how it should appear once set correctly:

Page Rule Creation Form-

Page Rules Overview-

For additional support, regarding integration between Enjin and Cloudflare, you’re always more than welcome to submit a support ticket with the Enjin Support Team.

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To get a CNAME to work, enjin must be configured to have also respond to requests for

You’ll need to ask the enjin people to configure your bc subdomain to work this way.

Hello, So that didn’t work.

Theres no way to just simple forward to a site?

@brad_delete’s method will work if your DNS entry for is set to :orange:

As it stands, though, you have no DNS entry for
You should also have one for and update your Page Rule to match

where would i set that entry at? (Sorry for all the questions, ive never done this before.)

here is dns btw if that matters

In your Cloudflare account, go to the DNS tab. Then add an “A” record for with an IP address of… (doesn’t matter since the Page Rule will immediately redirect. Same goes for an A record for just ‘www’

You won’t need those four records since you’re sending your visitors straight to

those records are for my minecraft servers. I need to have those. Would they no longer work if i forward?

I’m not familiar with the intricacies of a Minecraft server. You can certainly leave them in there.

What I see is: is a Cloudflare-protected web server. is also a Cloudflare-protected web server.

Those two SRV records are for and and connect to the two web servers you entered in your A records.

Are those part of your setup for Minecraft?

From skimming around topics of Enjin and Cloudflare, it’s not apparent this is advisable.

Firstly, Minecraft doesn’t run on ports that Cloudflare proxies. Secondly, Enjin supposedly has their own infrastructure in place for protection and optimization.

If it’s just because you want to use your own domain name, here’s their tutorial on the subject:

the ip and port is all from my server. ive used enjin but dont want to pay for it. I can use enjin but dont want to pay 10 bucks a month when i have it on here. Those to A records and SRV basically take my ip:port and turn it into I can’t lost that. I added the a name with but it still no worlk

Some more digging around tells me Enjin is already using Cloudflare. is also routed through Cloudflare.

Did you set up your own Minecraft server, or did you do it over at Enjin?

i have 2 mc servers. Each with a ip and port needed to connect. This is why i have the 4 DNS things. What i want to do with the servers is done. It works. I also have a free enjin site that can be connected to using To make it easier for my players, i want the site to be accessable through To do this i need to forward it to the enjin message. I know what enjin offers, i just dont want to have to pay for the dns services they offer.

Maybe a Minecraft expert will drop in. I’ve edited the thread title to hopefully get more input.

So it sounds like your four current DNS entries are working. You just want your root domain to work for Minecraft, and I just don’t see that happening because Cloudflare won’t proxy those ports, and Enjin won’t let you CNAME.

Incorrect, i want the (what i think the rood domain is) to work for the websites and to keep my for my minecraft server which is already established. I need no help on that so the change in the title makes it harder to get an answer because cname has nothing to do with minecraft. CNAME says my domain will be an alias for the domain i want to get to. And if i can’t do that with cname due to enjin, then i want to reroute it like the first guy stated. So really thats the part i need help with

I need your help sir

it is now working! thank you for yoour help

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