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Hi All,

I am a business owner and the company who hosts my website has gone bankrupt. I am a bit rusty with web design hosting etc however from memory the site used cloudflare and I have to get the site back up and running.

We have an expired SSL certificate so I need a new hosting package and updated certificate but I am unsure which package to take from cloudflare.

From memory am I reight in thinking that cloudflare doesnt host the actual site but mirrors the site and therefor do I need to have the site hosted elsewhere?

Any help would be appreciated. Now that our business is closed it gives me a chane to get back into online web development and want to do this stuff myself rather than rely on a 3rd party.

Site is here


Not Mirror, but Proxy. Like a middleman gateway to protect and optimize your existing site.

You will need to find another host, then get your site up and running.

Do you have access to your domain registrar account where your domain is registered?

Hi John,
Yes, your site needs to be hosted with a web hosting provider. Cloudflare sits between your hosting provider’s server and the visitors to your website, making it more secure, faster, and reliable.
Cloudflare offers a free Universal SSL Certificate for you to use. More information about it can be found here:

Yeah I do have access to the domain registrar but dont understand it. There is about 9 records.

Do cloudflare not offer hosting packages or is it just the middleman gateway?

Sorry, Cloudflare does not offer hosting plans.

It looks like your domain is registered with That’s where your name servers are set to let the Internet know how to reach your site.

Once you get a host for your site, that host will let you know which name servers they use for your site. If you want to use Cloudflare services at that point, let us know if you need help going through the Cloudflare setup process.

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