Help needed for newbie

Sorry for long post.

So i signed up for Cloudflare via Bluehost and since then my website has been down. I have tried support with Bluehost and Cloudflare and non existent (Cloudflare sent an automated email saying case closed even although I sent several emails about my problem they are not interested).

After signing up for Cloudflare Premium my website has been down and the only workaround I have managed is to disable the SSL certificate from Bluehost which being an e-commerce site is far from ideal.

Next problem is that despite paying Bluehost for Cloudflare Premium when I log into Cloudflare it is asking me to add my website and then wants me to pay again? I have contacted support but they are not interested.

Why would you do that? Yes, that’s not a good idea. Enable that straight away again.

What’s the domain? Also, if you purchased something from your host, only your host can help you. It might be better to sign up with Cloudflare directly.

I done that as I needed to show Bluehost that when it’s activated that the site doesnt work! Bluehost have just acknowledged there is a problem with the SSL between them and Cloudflare and their engineers are working on it.

Still can’t access Cloudflare account unless I pay again though.

Does your site load fine when Cloudflare is paused?

It did - I haven’t tried to remove Cloudflare yet but Bluehost state they are aware of an issue with the SSL now so fingers crossed it’ll get resolved otherwise I’ll ask for a refund and go to Cloudflare direct.

Your site is currently not using Cloudflare and does not load properly either. I am afraid that’s something you need to discuss either with your host or your web developer. Cloudflare is currently not involved at all.

As for a refund, I understand you did not purchase anything from Cloudflare, so that’s also something to discuss with your host.

Thank you Sandro - I have said if they can’t fix the issue by 5pm GMT today then I want a refund as losing sales is not ideal!

Sure, clarify this with your host and hopefully they can fix that for you.

Generally speaking, proper Cloudflare setups are usually the better choice than such partner integrations.

Can I ask a favour? Can you please see if this link works for you?

It loads, but just as “fine” as the main page with many broken resources.

Ok thank you - Appreciate you taking the time.


I may be too late to the party to help you (11 hours after this question)
London Time: 10:50 PM Friday October 8, 2021 (but I am in Australia)

The site is not responding (too many redirects)

Looks like your Bluehost name servers are pointing to a Cloudflare IP address.

Your name pointers are
Name servers:

nslookup shows this, when querying either of those bluehost servers

Traceroute shows this: (my server is in New York)


traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
1 ( 0.259 ms 0.186 ms 0.156 ms
2 ( 4.224 ms 4.204 ms 4.184 ms
3 * * *
4 ( 12.552 ms 12.544 ms 12.517 ms
5 ( 16.368 ms ( 7.487 ms 7.480 ms
6 ( 6.942 ms 7.009 ms 7.289 ms

Your MX record is but that has no A record

This what curl says:

]# curl -v

GET / HTTP/1.1
User-Agent: curl/7.29.0
Accept: /

< HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently
< Date: Fri, 08 Oct 2021 21:57:07 GMT
< Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8
< Transfer-Encoding: chunked
< Connection: keep-alive
< Expires: Sat, 09 Oct 2021 01:57:07 GMT
< Cache-Control: public, max-age=14400
< X-Redirect-By: WordPress
< Location:
< host-header: c2hhcmVkLmJsdWVob3N0LmNvbQ==
< CF-Cache-Status: MISS
< Server: cloudflare
< CF-RAY: 69b29f797c0718a6-EWR

(no need to reply back to me, because I may not see it)

The server was responding properly. It’s the redirect just now and that is most likely because the OP misconfigured the encryption mode and made his site insecure.

But it’s still not a proper setup but a partner integration and best discussed with the host.

Thank you Alan & Sandro

Bluehost Claimed to have resolved it by only allowing my website to be HTTP! This does not help me being an e-commerce website.

I have now asked Bluehost to remove and refund me as this is now 3 days without orders and hundreds of pounds wasted on advertising.

Anyone thinking of signing up to Cloudflare via Bluehost I would suggest NOT to do this as it appears they have some unresolved integration errors.

I wouldn’t recommend that approach anywhere. One-click setups may be tempting, but they limit your control of your configuration.

Yes, that’s why I was rather wary about such integrations in my earlier reply. But you are right, if your host does not understand that you need a secure setup and suggests to keep you on HTTP, then they should not provide hosting :slight_smile:

Yes to both of these comments - I have now learnt a lesson but thought somehow a seamless integration would be easy in 2021 but obviously not!

Website is now going back to HTTPS so now need to wait on the servers propagating then will sign up directly to Cloudflare.

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