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I’m trying to connect my domain with Clickfunnels following this guide: and have done all steps, but for the first DNS flattening got applied and I still can’t verify my domain in CF, the error message still says:

’ Error: In order for your custom domain to work you’ll need to log in to where you bought your domain and add a CNAME record that points at…(my domain).

Also, when I follow this second step by step guide from CF: I only get red crosses (errors) here when I do step one and visit whatsmydns and plug my domain in.

Help would be so appreciated as I have tried to figure this out on my own for weeks now :frowning:

For the CNAME record with the contents of, did you name it @ or

Hi! I did put @ as the name just as asked, it automatically change it (or at least shows - maybe because of the flattening?

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That change is expected and good. Will dig around their docs a bit more…

Okay good to hear! I found a couple of conversations where people had similar problems but couldn’t figure it out, so thank you!

Did anybody find the answer yet?

We are also struggling with it. Seems to be a problem now CloudFlare has changed their DNS page. Whatever we do we can’t get it to work.

We followed the instructions from Clickfunnels

and tried a bunch of other stuff of other people having these issues but to no avail.



Hi! I unfortunatelly haven’t - somehow it did end up connecting but not as it was supposed to - when I tried to open my website it loaded a CF page (but not mine and not a funnel) instead of my website which I did not want. I obviously still want to have my website as a separate page and have it work properly. I only wanted to have it connected to my CF so I can connect funnels to my website. If you do end up finding a solution, please let me know and good luck!!

Thx. But for now it’s just not working? So you can’t use your funnel, or do you not use CloudFlare now?

I use CloudFlare for my website, but I have deleted the CNAMES for CF again

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