Help! Need to repointing the A record to wordpress site

Hi to all,

I have wordpress sites before, and add A record on Cloudflare, which pointing the right ip address, nothing changed, now I deleted the sites, recreate the site with the same domain, why it can`t change the site url? it showed 404 page, I asked the hosting server, they told me I need to repointing the A record.

How to solve this issue? Please help me out!!!
Thanks in advance!

Kindly, re-check and add both A www and A with “conent value” of your IPv4 address provided by your hosting.
Also, make sure both records are :orange: cloud (proxied via Cloudflare).

That should be the response from your origin/host server, or WordPress.

May I also ask what is your domain name?

In what meaning? WWW to non-www or vice-versa?

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