Help! My website is taking too long to load

Hey everyone.

We have a website that we built on Carrd and use cloudflare as a protection layer. However since the website went live, and is active on cloudflare, the website has been loading slower. We are not sure how to fix this, as its a very basic site, and we are expecting a large number of people to use the website especially on friday, and we are worried that it will load even slower. Any recommendations on how to fix this issue would be great

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Hey there @gustav4

First of all, we’d like to invite you to check the Cloudflare Observatory that can help you understand why your website is slow: Faster website, more customers: Cloudflare Observatory can help your business grow
We recommend you to test the performance of your website using the Speed Test under Speed → Observatory in the Cloudflare Dashboard.
You can then find more details here on how to understand the results.

Please let us know if you face any issues implementing the recommended optimization settings :smiley:

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