HELP! My Website Is Being Dynamically Hosted By 5 Other Spam Cloudflare Sites

The following websites have somehow illegally created an exact copy of Science Trends and are dynamically hosting it on their spam domains. This includes our most recent articles, our copyrighted content/images. The websites also use Cloudflare and I’m hoping I can block these websites from accessing Science Trends. However, I’m not sure how to identify their IP as they are using Cloudflare. Is there any way around this to block all access from Proxad (dot) net, where these websites are hosted? Here are a couple of the sites:,

Any ideas of how these websites are able to copy our entire site? We’ve submitted a DMCA takedown request to Proxad but no response, they don’t even have a working website and have been known to take part in illegal activity: just search Proxad email spam

You can submit a complaint at

How do you know they are hosted there?

If they are really hosted with Proxad you’d need to choose the legal route applicable to France. DMCA is US specific and not applicable here.

I dont think so ;). Proxad if a brand of Iliad AFAIK.

The best way would be to find out how they crawl your data and block that if possible. If that is not possible you can only go via the host.

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Even if CF takes down fraudulent websites on its network, you need to resolve your main problem, information leak. They are using some legitimate accounts to access your contents and you need to track those accounts and block them.

To achieve that you need some kind of hard to detect/remove signature on your copyright assets which you can later compare to leaked information and track which account(s) were used for purchasing those copies.

I filed a complaint with Cloudflare and their response was, too bad it’s not our problem, contact the hosting company. Which of course is an illegitimate company not based in the US. I know they are hosted through because that was in Cloudflare’s response when they indicated I should take it up with the hosting company.

I agree, the best route is to figure out how they’re crawling my data and block it, however, that’s quite above my technical expertise. Any thoughts on people/companies that do this for a living?

Can you clarify what “Iliad AFAIK” is and how you know that Proxad is a brand of Iliad AFAIK? A quick Google search finds practically nothing for Iliad AFAIK.

I think we are exaggerating now a bit.

Fair enough, we still dont know it for sure but lets assume it is. In this case you’d need to follow the steps required by French law for such cases.

AFAIK is “as far as I know”.

Got it, I’ll do some research on Iliad and what is required for copyright infringement under French Law. That still doesn’t fix the issue of how they’re accessing our data, however. Any thoughts on how to solve this?

Any competent developer/sysadmin should be able to trace that. For example, does their site go down if yours goes down? If that is the case they dont even duplicate it but proxy it straight through their server.

As for complaints, usually is Iliad’s hosting provider, so you might also want to try your luck there. Scaleway Elements Console might possibly help here. Though it might be tricky as you cant provide them with an IP address and they might not be able to match the domain to a customer.

There should be off the shelf solutions for Wordpress out there based on type of assets you wanna track (image, video, pdf…)

This plugin claims to do that for pdf file. Don’t know if it works or not.

Thanks, I’ll check it out!

This is great, I’ll try with these, thanks for your help!

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