Help! My subdomain is pointing to an old "http" version instead of https

My subdomain is not pointing to the https version. I have two CNAMES for my app to work (my subdomain). Both are added correctly, however when doing a reverse DNS lookup one is pointing where it needs to go, the other is not. There is a grey cloud next to the one that is correct, there is an orange cloud next to the one that is going to http instead of https. The only thing that seems different between the two CNAMES is the orange cloud. I hope that is the ssue because I have not heard back from support. Obviously the http version of my app is not secure and I can’t promote it. Everything was fine prior to the move to CloudFlare, so this one issue, when it is corrected will be great.

Is there a way to change that orange cloud to grey? It is not clickable. Is there any other way to get my subdomain set to https?

Thank you in advance.

I am having an issue with a subdomain that I have in my DNS records on CloudFlare. I have two subdomains and one has a grey cloud and is working just fine. The other subdomain has an orange cloud and I cannot properly access my subdomain.

I am unable to click on the orange cloud to change it manually, is there an area on CloudFlare where I can make this change? Otherwise, my users cannot access my app and that is the core of my business.

Thank you

Why? What happens? Can you post a screenshot? Which domain are we talking about?

When I try to access my subdomain it is coming up with an error message saying it is not secure, although it is secure.

I have two subdomains in my DNS records and the one with the grey cloud is working fine, the one with the orange cloud is giving me these problems, and that orange cloud is not clickable in my DNS records when I try to edit it.

Is there a special fee to be able to change the clouds from orange to grey? I’ll pay it. I just need my app to be accessible.

Would you prefer a screen shot of the DNS records, or the error message?

Thanks for your reply.

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