Help! My SRV record wont work with minecraft servers

Basically, I bought a domain from Squarespace and I added the domain and I have done everything when it comes to adding the record. However when adding the SRV record, it doesn’t allow me to add a protocol nor a service name. It lets me be able to provide a name but it has an example showing
E.g. Can someone help me understand what that means and what I must do to set up my Minecraft server to work?

First of all, you need to create an A record with the IP of your minecraft server, for example or

Then, if you don’t use the default Minecraft port or have a website running on the same hostname, you need to create an SRV record.

The name is where you enter both the service name and protocol, in this case _minecraft._tcp. As target, you use the A record you just created.

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I’m still having a little trouble with the SRV and A record. Here is a screenshot of record A and SRV, you may be able to help me figure what mistake I’ve made. Cheers!

the SRV record wouldnt appear since im a new account

The IP address of your A record is wrong. That is an internal IP address that you can only use within your network.

You have to user your external IP address.

Also, you don’t need an SRV record. Just delete it.

Well it says ipv4 address, and when i went into ipconfig it said that was my ip address. I had no idea I needed to use an external

also could you explain to me why I wouldn’t need an SRV record. All the tutorials I’ve been looking at state to use one

There are 2 situations in which you need an SRV record:

  1. You don’t use the default Minecraft port (25565). You use the default port, so it does not apply.

  2. Imagine you have Minecraft on one server (ip: and a website on another (ip:
    In that case, your A record for can only point to one of the IPs, but you want to use both for the website and Minecraft.
    When you enter and have an SRV record for, you can basically tell Minecraft to use a different A record (say, that is listed as the content of the SRV record.
    So an SRV record allows players to only enter but actually use the IP address of

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just to confirm (because im an idiot when it comes to this stuff), My type A record would be
Name: bread-minecraft net
Content (ip) 70 185 225 68
Proxy Status DNS only

If that is your public IP address, that looks good. Except a minute ago your domain was, not :wink:

after many altercations I still haven’t gotten it to work :pensive:
I don’t know what is wrong anymore and feel like i have no control.
my Squarespace custom domain is

breadman-minecraft net

It is the same as the name for my type A Record
The required ipv4 address i had to put in was my public IP
Whenever I throw in breadman-minecraft net, (dot isn’t there cause URLs) to the server address, it still doesnt connect.
I have also already gone and changed the 2 server names for Cloudflare inside Squarespace.
If you are able to find some flaw, or something that might lead to the issue, would greatly appreciate it.

Did you set up port fotwarding on your router?

I have not, but I thought this process would allow to bypass it?

No. Every tutorial on hosting a minecraft server should cover port forwarding, it is required if you host from a home network.