HELP - my site will only work in developer mode!

PROBLEM: Only seems to work in devloper mode!

PROBLEM: Only works in developer mode and will not display properly when caching is on!

Nice looking site!

It looks like it’s still in Dev mode, so there’s nothing for us to check on. Do you have any Page Rules set?

When troubleshooting display problems, I use my browser’s Dev Tools (F12 on Chrome) and look at the Console and Network tabs. Currently, all I see is a Mixed Content warning for the Mailchimp form validator .js file.

Thanks for your reply.

I have taken the site out of development mode now and there is a padlock.

The site has been working up to now and has suddenly stopped work without any changes. It’s very strange.

I see tons of messages in my browser’s Console log regarding JS files. MIME type was text/html. I usually see this when access is blocked (403 or some such) which returns an HTML response instead of the expected JS file.

There are also a bunch of CSP warnings.

If Dev Mode clears it up, that points to caching and minification. Most likely caching. For starters, try clearing your site’s cache (if you’re using a Caching plugin) and do a Purge Everything at Cloudflare.

Do you have any Page Rules set up for caching?

Only to always us https access.

The Cloudflare wordpress panel is also just a grey screen.

This problem has been solved with the following article:


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