Help - My site was cloned

Good Morning.

On the 9th of this month, my client sought me by saying that he discovered that his site had been cloned, so I played my team to find out and we really found that the site bet. It was cloned for

We are looking for ways to identify the person or real IP of this site, but the criminal is using cloudflare DNS service and with this it was not possible to identify the IP. What should I do? Can anyone help us?

Even if they look at the code source clone: will find that it makes me monitor the official website of my client.

Thank you so much, thank you.

Cloned in which way?
The Website can be cloned via tools like “HTTrack Website Copier” and other - meaning of the content.

I can open this.

But this one does not resolve and does not open at my end.

In this case, you should fill in an abuse to Cloudflare:

Fully cloned. Looking at the source code of the page, I can identify parts of my website apostala

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