Help. My site is down

Help. My site is down. Everything is done according to the instructions dns changed.

DNS is set up correctly, but your records point to localhost. You need to point that to the right IP address.

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I set and everything worked. I am protected from doss attacks ? Nothing more to do?

Seems all right at this point.

Now page unavailable The site redirected too many times. ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS


Thank. Already figured out, but my site continues to attack

Your site appears to be fine now.

What is that?

Doss attack, deliberately overload the site.

Increase your security settings or go all-in and set it to “I’m under attack”.

Thanks for the help, very grateful

the site is unavailable again (

Your site is available to me, after the 5-second delay by CF. I’m in Brazil.

I can not log in from another IP

There is the JavaScript challenge but apart from that the site is perfectly reachable.

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